Property Division in Divorce; How to Fast Track the Process

Although property division in divorce is never an issue when a couple is starting their marital life, it becomes such an exhausting process when the marriage fails to work years down the line. The divorce process can be made easier when the couples agree to fairly divide the most contested assets.

How to Ease Property Division in Divorce

For a couple that is seeking to fast track their divorce process, they should, first of all, make a complete and detailed list of all their properties. The couple should make the list together with all the honesty and fairness possible. When it comes to property division, assets like bank accounts, vehicles, land, homes, stocks, household items, and any other jointly-owned assets are considered.

Familiarize Yourself with the Los Angeles Property Records

Before compiling a comprehensive list of all the assets you have acquired as a couple, it is good to study and understand the state laws applicable in your case since these laws vary from state to state. At this point, engaging a divorce and mediator attorney is the best thing you can do to ensure that your divorce process goes smoothly and ends as fast as possible. If you reside in Los Angeles, contact Maureen Stubbs, who has over 30 years of experience as a divorce and mediator.

Be Polite To One Another

Once you, as a couple, agree that there is no other way of moving ahead without going through the divorce process, it is only fair to be nice to each other so as to speed up the process. Los Angeles property records show that couples, who harmoniously make the list of assets that they jointly owned during the marriage, avoided the expensive and slow process of asset distribution by the court. You can also get assistance from divorce attorneys to come up with a fair property division agreement.

Fair Asset Distribution during Divorce

It is always important for divorcing couples to know that fair distribution during divorce does not necessarily mean sharing the assets equally. It is paramount for the spouses to find out what their state laws affirm concerning sharing assets during divorce. Each state has its approved regulations that guide on how to distribute marital property in a fair manner. Also take note of what your state laws provide when it comes to inherited properties and assets acquired before marriage.

Having a blissful marriage is every person’s desire but when a happier and more fulfilled future means going through an uncontested divorce, Maureen Stubbs will see you through the process as smoothly and professionally as possible. Contact her for more information on where to start during this difficult but helpful step to a new, brighter future. With Maureen Stubbs, the compassionate and experienced Los Angeles divorce attorney, property division in divorce and all its turmoil has never been this easier.