Your Attorney Partner in Matters Large and Small

California is one of the states that permits Limited Scope Representation. With this option, you decide how much or how little help you want with your dissolution from the Stubbs Family Law and Mediation Office. Whether you are pursuing an uncontested divorce—or engaging in Mediation, Litigation or Collaborative Law, we can assist you in a limited capacity.

Some of the ways in which we can help include:

  • Coaching you on legal procedure and strategy to prepare you for representing yourself confidently
  • Appearing with you in court after you have completed your own preparation for the hearing
  • Reviewing or preparing paperwork to ensure legal accuracy and prevent common errors
  • Creating a court-friendly document after you perform discovery or reach a settlement yourself
  • Providing assistance in preparing, understanding and enforcing court orders
  • Remaining on “stand-by” throughout the case and during settlement conferences, available to step in if needed

If you have a need for “back-up support” for your family law dispute, we will help you identify the issues or procedures that might go easier with our assistance—and protect you from costly and painful mistakes. Before we begin our relationship, we draft a Limited Scope Representation agreement, clearly defining our services and costs.