An Expert Litigator Protecting Your Interests

The legal dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership has traditionally taken place in the court setting with the decision rendered by a judge. Each party hires an attorney to provide legal advice and to represent the individual in negotiations and court hearings.

Dissolution litigation involves the filing of a lawsuit by one party against the other. The litigation approach is typically chosen when couples seeking a divorce are so enmeshed in anger, resentment and other negative emotions that they are no longer able to communicate in a rational manner with each other. Each party selects an attorney to represent the individual’s interests and viewpoints. Communication regarding the legal dissolution of the relationship is primarily between the opposing attorneys, who handle settlement offers, counter offers and other procedural matters.

The process may get complicated and involve “discovery”—formal legal procedures used to obtain financial and other information that may be relevant to a settlement. Discovery may include the issuing of subpoenas, legal documents used to summon documents or witnesses before a court. The process may also involve the taking of depositions, a formal taking of testimonies before a court reporter. Experts, such as business and property valuation specialists, mental health professionals and others, may be hired by the disputing parties to support their positions. Depending on the complexity of the case and the attitudes of the opposing parties, a litigated dissolution may not reach completion for an extended period of time. Sometimes attorneys are able to negotiate a settlement agreement between their clients, and court appearances are avoided.