I am very grateful I retained Maureen as my attorney in my family law matter.
Maureen represented me very professionally by acting quickly and knowing what the matter needed to be successful.
She took mine and my daughters best interests to heart while presenting the case. I ended up with what I wanted, custody and the safety of my child to reside in my home.
I would recommend her to anyone concerning family law matters.

Paul D.
San Pedro, CA

It’s rare to find an excellent Attorney for any lawsuit, but especially Family Law where your heart and emotions are so exposed. Maureen Stubbs is the exception to the rule and as her former client I would say she is the best and the only Attorney I would ever hire. Ms. Stubbs is an expert in Family Law therefore her cases stand up strongly to the opposition.When she took my child custody case on from the moment I spoke to her on the phone I knew I was in the best hands, and I was throughout the case. While the other side presented dim and frightening tactics, Ms. Stubbs overcame our legal obstacles with skill and ease, which gave me the confidence to continue. She explained everything that came up so that we understood, and prepared us thoroughly for all the proceedings while keeping everything happening civil and friendly. Not easy to do in Family Law. Maureen Stubbs is nothing short of a “miracle worker” of an Attorney in my eyes and I would recommend her services to anyone needing a Family Law Attorney.

Angela M.
Oklahoma City, OK

I am so grateful for Maureen. I would recommend her to anyone needing an Honest, Fair, hard working Attorney at your side. She saved me from getting completely steamed rolled over.

She is truly a miracle worker in the miracle mile district. I am so grateful for her friendship, and guidance.

A rare Gem!!!

J C.
Los Angeles, CA